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The dreaded colon cancer screening talk

Almost every time I bring up the subject of colon cancer screening, I notice a slumping of the shoulders, a turning away of eye contact, or an audible sigh. It isn't the most fun you will ever have, but it is important. For those still procrastinating, you might want to know......a recent editorial in the March 5, 2019 edition of Annuals of Internal Medicine by a gastroenterologist at the University of California - San Francisco gives a strong argument that FIT (fecal immunochemical tests) "are noninvasive, easy to prepare, and inexpensive and have effectiveness similar to that of colonoscopy...." FIT tests are the ones you take home, obtain a stool sample, and then return

the specimen to the office for further processing. They detect the presence of blood in the stool. It's a great option for us to discuss the next time we have "the talk."

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