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Frequently Asked  

Does my insurance cover the cost of the membership fee?  No. Insurance does not pay for the membership fee. Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s) likely will. Seek the advice of your tax professional or your human resources representative at work for more information regarding these tax deductible accounts.

Does the concierge model take the place of my health insurance?  No. You should maintain your health insurance to cover expenses outside of the office such as blood tests, radiology orders, outpatient procedures, specialist visits and hospital care.

What qualifies as a family membership?  A husband and wife, domestic partners, or all family members living in the same household constitute a family membership. This includes children not living at home, but 26 years or younger who are on their parents’ insurance plan.

Will Dr. Reeves still refer me to the Emergency Department?  Yes. Upon assessment of your concerns, Dr. Reeves may refer you to the ER if she feels that provides you with the most appropriate and immediate response. However, as always, if you feel you need to be seen immediately, don’t hesitate to be seen in ER or call 911.

What if my insurance status changes during the membership year?  The membership year is from January 1 to December 31 annually. If your status changes, please let us know immediately.

What if I move out of town?   A pro-rated reimbursement of your membership fees will be considered.


Do you bill my insurance company?  Yes. The office contracts with most commercial insurances and Medicare, and your insurance will be billed appropriately for services rendered. We will NOT bill your insurance company for the membership fee.


Will Dr. Reeves refer to any specialist, facility, or hospital?

Yes. The concierge model has no bearing on Dr. Reeves’ referral patterns or use of certain facilities. Those decisions are made in collaboration with you and any stipulations made by your insurance provider.


Will Dr. Reeves handle my hospital care?  If you need to be hospitalized, Dr. Reeves will coordinate care with Dr. Yatish Goyal. Dr. Reeves has worked with Dr. Goyal, a Medina-based, board-certified internist, as her hospitalist for over 10 years. This relationship has been a very good one. Any records or information Dr. Goyal needs during your hospital stay will be provided to him by Dr. Reeves. Dr. Goyal will hand you back to Dr. Reeves’ care upon discharge. Pediatric admissions have not been offered at Medina Hospital for many years. Therefore, if your child needs admission, Dr. Reeves will help coordinate transfer to your facility of choice, often times, Akron Children’s Hospital.

Please contact us with any additional questions.

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