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Membership Information

What benefits will I gain from joining Family First Personalized Medicine?  

  • Practice size of under 500 patients (as opposed to 2,500)

  • Treatment of patients from newborn through elderly

  • Effortless appointment scheduling with virtually no hold time

  • Same day visit availability

  • Complete physical exams

  • Focus on preventative care and patient education

  • Extended office visit time

  • Dr. Reeves’ personal cell phone number for urgent issues after office hours

  • After office hours visits for urgent issues (based on the availability and discretion of Dr. Reeves)

  • Use of secure, HIPPA-compliant Portal messaging

  • Email (unsecured) correspondence for non-urgent issues

  • Access to doctor’s forum offering educational information, news briefs and happenings in the office


What does "membership" cover? 

  • Your membership fee will cover the cost of services obtained in our office.

  • It is important to keep your health insurance coverage current in order to cover expenses outside of Dr. Reeves’ office.

  • Patients will rely on their commercial insurance or Medicare for coverage of any services received outside of our office such as laboratory tests, scans and x-rays, specialist visits and hospital care.

  • Dr. Reeves accepts most insurance plans.

  • Medical services are billed to your insurance and we accept what is reimbursed.

  • The membership fee is used to pay for all co-pays, co-insurance, residuals and deductibles associated with services provided by this practice.

  • Dr. Reeves does participate in traditional Medicare as well as most Medicare Advantage Programs (Medicare HMO’s).

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